I Digress – Migration Goes to the Dogs

In honor of the Westminster Dog Show, here is a list of Finnish dog breeds.  Two of whom, the Finnish Lapphund and the Finnish Spitz, will be shown at Westminster.  To the rest of you guys, maybe some year.  And hey no wolves.  Sorry, tamaskan.  I’m just kidding.  Oh, and there may be a party crasher.

Finnish Hound
Finnish Lapphund
Finnish Spitz
Karelian Bear Dog
Karelo-Finnish Laika
Lapponian Herder
Tamaskan Dog (Not recognized by kennel clubs)

And links to breed descriptions that may be of interest:

Breed American
Kennel Club
Kennel Club
Kennel Club
Finnish Hound UKC
Finnish Lapphund AKC UKC WKC
Finnish Spitz AKC UKC WKC
Karelian Bear Dog AKC UKC
Karelo-Finnish Laika
Lapponian Herder UKC
Tamaskan Dog

And I would be the one to let a cat into a post about a dog show.  But as there’s only one native cat, I thought, why not.

Norwegian Forrest Cat

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