Juhannus Celebrations in the Americas

Today, June 25th 2016, is Juhannus and Finns across the America’s are preparing for the festivities.  The Thunder Bay Finns are holding Finn Festival this year from the June 24th to 26th.  This is the largest festival for Finns held each year around the U.S. during Juhannus.  The second largest is Finnfest which is held in Lake Worth, Florida in February or March.

Where are other Finns Celebrating?

The Anchorage Finns will be celebrating on Sunday with a BBQ.  I wonder if reindeer’s on the menu?

The Michigan Finns will be celebrating at the Finn Camp in Wixom with a traditional Kokko (bonfire).

The Kaleva of Red Lodge in Montana  are preparing for their Kaleva Grand Lodge Convention.

In New York the Finger Lake Finns will be celebrating.

The Scandinavian Community Center in Burnaby, Canada celebrated last week.

The Vancouver Finland Club is celebrating and holding a Paavo Nurmi Run.

I’m sure even the Finns down in Penedo, Brazil at Clube Finlândia are planning a celebration.


  1. Great post indeed. I love it. Because Your link to Penedo, Brazil pointed to Facebook, I could not open it. After photos of my post:

    Airing national costumes ,

    there are links to Penedo.

    Best regards. Matti, Blogger who tell “everything” from Finland.

    • Thanks for the link and very nice article yourself. I’ve seen one of them before but not the other. I try to link to them in my story.

      I decided to go with Facebook as it seems many clubs are headed that way. My club page has broken many broken links. My page on Penedo lost all the fun images as they shutdown their website. (I think I like that the clubs have moved to Facebook.) I decided that the first priority was to update the home page to make it much easier to find all of my stories at one time.

  2. Sigh, so sad, that they are blocking heavy Internet users, like me, away from their pages putting pages to Facebook. BTW, I have more than 20000 photos in my blog and many have found their old places in Finland by using search of my blog.

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